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Vesh is the new Violeta brand of heavy duty detergent washing gels for washing your laundry, made for people who demand the best. Vesh as a brand doesnt say: Oh no! Another stain!, rather it celebrates a freedom and peace of mind. With Vesh, you can wear your clothes care free and without worrying about staining them. You are safe in the knowledge that Vesh will take care of it. Designed for people that live life to the fullest, arent afraid of making mistakes and misjudgements. Individuals that throw themselves at the opportunity to be cheerful, passionate without worry at the cost of getting yourself dirty. For getting dirty is a part of the process and neccesary in life, but with Vesh it becomes fun. Vesh aims to free you of unnecessary care about the things that stop us from enjoying the full colors of life. Because there finally is a detergent out there that can help us be what we want to be. So lets just let Vesh help us lead a colorful life.